Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ram, dogs, storm

So, I really really like this new ram lamb.  He may just be staying a while.  Not sure who here knows the difference between show bred sheep and what I call grade sheep, but the difference is basically that the show world breeds for tall, lean and horse like creatures, and the grade folks like me, breed for the original breed type, the well muscled, not overly framey, easy keeper, and hardy sheep.  The ram I had previously though he wasn't absolutely horrible, he was too tall and lean, and I am sure would do well in today's show ring.  This new ram lamb is very different.  He's blocky, sturdy and well built at only six months of age. Above is a picture of him.  Hoping things will go well with him in the future.  He's already noticed the girls.

Kylie my ten year old Kelpie has a stomach bug.  She was out a long time today, and I decided not to feed her breakfast.  Her stomach is making those horrible stomach bug sounds... So, no food for her today.  Don't know what would have caused it, but she has always had a propensity for upset stomach- ever since she had a gut blockage as a young dog.

Worked Joe and Dan yesterday.  Dan was a bit off, but Joe did well.  Only a very short work time for him and he's getting more comfy driving, but I may focus back on flanks/outruns, because they suffer a bit when he starts driving...

Big storm coming starting tomorrow.  Lots of rain expected.  It's a huge storm right now, they said on the news last night it was two thousand miles across.  That's pretty huge...I cleaned out my gutters yesterday, cleared debris from the down spouts and put various things away. Glad I got that leak in the roof fixed...
I hope we don't lose power... but if we do, at least, it won't be too cold.

Cleaned the house today, did laundry, and messed with my piece of garbage water softener...  Hopefully less iron will be around... I doubt it.  That's why my freaking hair is red.  I am so about to take major chemicals to it, or shave it.

Well, that's it for now.

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