Sunday, October 28, 2012

A hurricane's 'a comin'

This scene has always cracked me up.  I always think of it when a big storm is coming.  Latest information has worsened the impact for us, so I better laugh now.  I have done all the preps at my place, and the farm should be good.  I will leave the barn door open for the sheep, but when I feed them, I will put their hay where they are, because I have learned that putting hay inside when they would rather be outside and vice versa is a waste of hay.  So, we shall see.  One thing for sure, is that we are going to get very wet and have serious winds, all extended...

Joe and Dan worked well yesterday.  Dan's shedding, we are working on him letting sheep go when they are on the fence, and then walking in on the one I ask.  I don't know if we ever will be proficient at this, as he has little eye, and likes to flank, so... makes it tough, but we will keep at it.   Joe was good, I had a few Cheviots in the mix yesterday, as they did not want to shed off, so I worked them with the Romneys.  They made the Romneys flightier.  At one point Joe was tight on an outrun and the black Romney who likes to split off, did- and ran into the wooded section.  Joe did not skip a beat and went in there after her and brought her back out. I was so stoked to see that.  We are working on driving and in just a few days, he's getting it.  Damn, he's smart.

Going to my parents' for dinner tonight- standing rib roast, and so will go to the farm later, probably around 2:00, and hay the sheep, and then go to my parents.

The next few days should be interesting.

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