Monday, October 22, 2012

Ram, dirt, beer, and popcorn

So, the weekend was fast!  Saturday morning I did take a bit of time just to relax in the morning, and then headed up to the sheep and wool festival.  I brought the dogs with me so I could bring them to the farm afterward.  My friends and I walked around, and I had a very good lamb gyro, and for desert, apple crisp a la mode- THAT was amazing.  Before my friends showed up I took a bit of video of some of the sheep, here it is:

We watched some of a sheepdog demo, and then I got the stuff from Sydell, and then I headed out.  Something about throngs of people, and noise wipes me out...

Oh, that morning, a guy called me about my ad for my ram for sale.  He said they were going to the festival and could they stop by and see the ram when they left.  I agreed, and went home, and came back later to meet him at the farm.  They took forever.  Apparently, it took them an hour just to get out of the parking lot... I warned them about that...

Anyway, they are newbie farmers, and only have a small flock, but have Cheviots ewes to breed.  So, I got Dan to fetch me up the sheep, and the guy put a halter on him- an Al Paca halter, which was small, and just barely fit over his nose, I mean barely.  So, we got him out of the pasture, and then I had to go tie Dan up.  See, Dan and this ram do not get along, and Dan figured that maybe he needed to teach this ram a lesson once and for all- who knows, all I know is Dan was looking a bit excited...

So, I said "Be right back, going to go tie the dog up" and when I got back, the ram was already in the truck!!!  What a neat trick I just figured out... Will have to use that again.  So, he made a makeshift pen with boards and wire and his wife suggested that he loosen the rope a bit for the ram.  As he did so, at the same time as I mentioned how good he was with people, the ram went for the guy (just his arm, as he was outside of the truck).  I was surprised, but could not blame him as the halter was a bit taut and he was tied...  So, I got paid and they were on their way.  It was a long day for me.  I got an email later that night saying that they had gotten home and the ram was settling in well.  That's good.

So, Sunday rolls around.  I had made tentative plans to take Dan and Joe to work them at my friend's  place, but when the morning came, my stomach bothered me and I was just really tired, so I almost begged off.  But, she convinced me to just come, so I did.

She worked her pup first, and then I worked Joe, and then we worked the adults- Dan hates his off pressure flanks there, and I always end up having to school him on them.  Then we had lunch, and then back to work Joe a bit.  He's a good boy.  He acted the same as he does at home, so that bodes well for his brain, I hope :)  I do really love working him.  He's very full on, but I like that, because he's also listening.

After I got home from that, I cleaned my house.  Good Lord, I really needed to.  The Bissel vacuum I have is amazing.  I could not believe the dirt and hair it got up.  I took all the books off the book shelf and vacuumed them, and well, just went to town.

Then, I had a beer, and made some popcorn in my new popcorn maker- I LOVE it! 

Then, I got in bed and read my new mystery, which is very good, and then SLEEP!

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