Monday, October 15, 2012


I made a trip up to meet the used rv dealer and get a better look at the camper.  He knew in advance I was coming, yet did not do anything to it (as in clean it) or set it up.  I walked in and thought I might go through the floor- he said was going to fix it, and I asked if he would replace it, he said no, that he would just put new floor on it- will be stronger.. ahhh, leave that disgusting floor and just put new plywood on top.  Anyone who knows me knows that I like things done right... Okay, so moving on, lots of storage space, and then he goes and gets the canvas ends pushed out.  I immediately did not like that- too much room for wetness and well, basically it's like a pop up...  the canvas was also dirty/mildewy.  I went into the bathroom and the floor to the bathroom/shower floor was so thin, I thought that I might go through that- and it was small, I am not small, but if I gained any weight I would not be able to fit in there....  I told him I was not "feeling it" with that camper and looked at others.  He had a mid 80s on there, and you could see a leak had gone though above the cabinets and destroyed the fake wood.  Basically, this guy doesn't really DO anything to these things, he just flips them.  So, I now know I do not want a hybrid, that's for sure.

When I left I realized I did not have my atm card, so I could not get cash for the tolls, so had to take the scenic way home... I had left my card in my pants pocket after I had gotten gas the previous day.  Just glad I did not lose it, and had other options for routes to get home.

I worked Joe a bit when I got home, and checked sheep.  All have been marked.  We will see if he marks anyone again next month, but then we should be fine.

This week going with Charlie to pick up a ram for John to use.  John's truck is out of service, and Charlie has a stock trailer.  My days of lifting sheep into pick ups are done anyway.

Well, that's it for now...

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