Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sore and then some

After a full day of work yesterday, I met Charlie at the farm to get the paddock fence in.  I had a new roll of sheep/goat fence sitting there, beckoning me to get the job done.  So, after we cleared out the pile of limbs that was in the paddock, we set to the fence.   Not that much fence at all, but we used trees, yes, you read it, trees as some of the posts.  This is a tree farm, and well, I decided to make use of the ones that stood in a nice line.  We got the posts in, the fence stretched and all the clips on/staples in where we needed it and it took us several hours.  Way longer than I thought it would.  Afterward, I was BEAT, I mean just beat.  So glad it is done now though.  Just have to hang a gate and we're good to go.  They should not be able to get out of here- I hope.

After we finished, I took the dogs for a walk and then headed home, stopping for some fast food on the way.  I just could not see having the energy to cook.  So, got home, took care of animals and got in bed, yes, that's exactly what I did.  I didn't even read my book.

This morning I got up and noticed that I had several cuts on my hands (you always get cut doing fence) that hurt, and my back, oh my aching back.  It hurt from when I cleaned out the barn, and this morning it hurt worse from the fence.  Bending down to open dog crates... ow...  So, today is a normal day again, and hope to work Joe.  He gets buggered up when he can't work... 

Anyway, that's all for now!

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