Thursday, October 18, 2012

Limbs, rams, dogs

It was a very nice day yesterday.  Fall is my favorite time of year; cool, no bugs and a sense of renewal in the air. 

I had to gather the flock in yesterday, and I wondered how the ram would be.  No problem was the answer.  He simply went with the Cheviot girls into the barn, no muss not fuss.  I am glad of that. 

Then I worked Joe, and as I did, I noticed all the big downed limbs laying in the field and took a break from working Joe, to go get the pick up and start collecting those limbs for the burn pile.  I got probably less than half picked up in one trip, and will finish today.  There is one GIANT limb, more like a tree I have to tie to the pick up and drag out.  Charlie has been busy, so I have to handle this myself.  The field looks better.  Oh, and today I am buying some wood to make a feed trough for my sheep.  They sully the feed sometimes, as they step in it, so I want a trough style.  I wanted to buy them from Premier, but the cost of them, plus the shipping is astronomical.

So, after picking up the sticks, I went back to working Joey, and he was very good.  I am at the point where I am standing about half way to the sheep, and it's working beautifully.  He's the right distance from them, and he's running out fast, intent and watching them too.  It's very cool.  I do like him.  I think I may have said this before... 

Got home and decided I have to clean this house, and opened my mail- finding I have a 30% off coupon for Kohls department store, so I am going there today.  I need some clothes, and I want a real pop corn maker- I do not like microwave popcorn at all....

So, that's the deal for now!

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