Saturday, October 13, 2012

Camper.... decisions.....

Yesterday after work I headed up to check out the camper. As it turned out the guy was not there, but I peeked inside and saw he had been checking it all out.  It's small.  It's a 2001 Keystone Cabana Hybrid.  Has enough for me and my dogs. No a/c, but I can deal with that, just to get started in it.  I was un-decided...  So, I called him today, and all of a sudden the price went to $2500, up from the $2000.  So, I plan to head up there soon and tell him I want it, but will pay no more than $2300.  He said he would do a lay away sort of plan, so that could really be a God send.   So, we shall see, actually excited about this...

Today, my dad came over with the power washer, and we got the house spiffy.  Looks so much better- where does all that dirt come from???  Have some things I need to trim, and almost all the leaves are down, so the next thing is leaves!!!

Ran some errands, and then worked Joe.  Wow, he is just amazing.  Perhaps all dogs who get a bit of training each day progress like this, but I am just uber happy with him.  He is like a sponge.  I *really* like him.

Will make myself a nice dinner with a Pork Chop as my protein, and then read my book and chill out.

I have an announcement, will reveal in the next post!

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