Thursday, October 25, 2012

Joe, Dan, lamb

Yesterday after work I went up to go get the ram lamb.  First I worked Joe in a big field where he has never worked before.  He was good.  The advice I got was he was too tight, came in to hard and fast, which I know, but the good word was that he was MUCH better than the last time they saw him.  Appropriate sheep and every day working will do that to a pup :)

At one point we had two sheep on the fence and just started talking.  Joe settled in, at one point he almost got up, but put himself back down, because he remembered I had asked him to lay down.  That's the sort of thing I love about these good dogs.   It was a very enjoyable time working him.

I also worked Dan, who did well, but I think I need to lay off him a bit, as he will eat grass if I give him too many commands.  He will do as I ask, but it takes the fun away, so I am going to work on getting my line set as we make our turns, and then just let him hold the line, instead of trying to steer so much. 

When it was time to go with the ram lamb, I had brought a medium vari kennel and we put some hay in it and covered it with a sheet.   He didn't make a peep the entire trip.  When I got to the farm, he would not come out of the crate, so I had to un-ceremoniously dump him out.  Luckily, the girls were there, and he ran to them, but he was scared of the black sheep...  Which was bad, because the blackest one I have was very interested in him ;0)

I left after I gave hay, and he had tucked into it like his girlfriends. He's a stunner of a lamb, a true Border Cheviot in build.  He's already looking regal, even at his young age.

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