Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Joe, Kylie, ram lamb

Things are going well here.  The other day when working Joe, I tapped my leg asking him to walk up and he did, and we did a little walking behind the sheep.  The next day, I tapped my leg and he walked up and past me... He's already getting driving.  I kept it very short as one or two times he went to grab at some grass, and I believe he's just worried if he pushes they will get away, and plus he's very young.  But, he's learning so damn fast, that I am afraid if I don't change things up it will become boring for him.  At this point I could use him to do chores I think.  That's hard to imagine.  He's just such a cool dog.

I loaned out a ram lamb to a friend of mine and now I have a buyer for him, so that is great.  More money in my pocket (that will fly out fast) is a good thing. 

Going to go get a new ram lamb for me today, and put it in a vari kennel in the car.  That should be very interesting.  Want him here to grow up and then use him next year.  Will also work Joe and Dan.  We ended up getting into the last trial of the year, so that is very cool, and now I gotta school Dan a bit.  A fb friend asked if I was going to run Joe (he has seen his videos) and I said God no!  But, I bet he could run in about a month or two..... He just learns so damn fast.

Kylie, my ten year old dog is having vision problems; I have to get her into the vet.  This week/weekend I will bring her in to have her eyes and heart murmur checked.

Well, better go now..  Hope everyone has a good hump day!

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