Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Me and the Firemen

I was under the impression that many firemen were a bit chunky, and out of shape.  No, that is not true, at least the group I met were not!

A few days ago I had gone with my dogs, to go look for some Angus heifers that had gotten out because the new to farming and new owner to these girls left the  barn door open- yep, that old saying is true...  Anyway, we went looking and I told him that there was just too much land to cover and to call me if he had a sighting.  He called me day before yesterday and told me a caretaker on a 350 acre farm nearby had spotted the heifers in one of his fields.  So, yesterday after work, I met the owner of these guys at his house, and several firemen, and one plumber showed up..  I was the only girl with seven men, kinda cool....

So, we headed out to where we saw them last.  I drove my Jeep into the fields and had to use 4wd at one point, which I had not used yet, and got to the field where they were.   I hopped into the caretakers Polaris Ranger, which was really nice, and Lucy, Bob, and I set forth looking.  Lucy looked all over (she quarters like a hunting dog) and nothing...  So, most of us got back to our vehicles, but three guys were lost- and they were the ones with the GPS!  That was not lost on us... (no pun intended)  We took a fair bit of time beeping the truck horns and driving roads to find and pick up these errant firemen...

We all went back to the owner's place, and I told him to let me know if he or someone sees them...

I get a call last night, that the caretaker saw them.... Right where we were... I swear they are laughing at us.  So, I told him since the field is not fenced, that he needs to start feeding them there, and get some cattle panels to make a fence up.  He asked if he could use hog panels, or that sort of thing, and I made it clear that they would make mince meat out of them if they got scared- and they would-  as they stampede the minute they seem someone.   So, he's going to try to get the panels and gradually start putting the feed in the pen.  It's really the only way, because that field is in the middle of woods, and there is no way we can herd them to where they need to go.  It will have to be: get them in the pen, and get a trailer up there, some how, and load them up.  What a huge pain this is. 

I did work Joe a bit yesterday, and Dan too.  Sheep are good.  I think there is only one more girl, maybe two to be marked.  

I am extremely tired today, don't know why.  I have a lot of yard work to do- the last mowing of the year and then will have my nephew do leaves (he's desperate to make money for his phone).  I could also have him pick limbs up in the sheep field, as they are out of there, so that's another job he can do.

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