Monday, October 8, 2012

Dust and Deen

This weekend was a pretty good one, considering.  Got a bit of house cleaning done, which was good, because it's not often that urge strikes me...Have more to do, but it's much better.... I don't know where the dust comes from, but I am sick of it!

Saturday was a blur.  Worked all day, and then went to the farm, worked Joe and Dan a bit, and then moved the sheep to the new field.  Lots of good fodder up there for them.  Joe worked so nice.  He's so workman-like- and that is what his breeder selected his mother for, and his dad is also like that.  I am trying to mix it up a fair bit, and just let him have his head, so, if things go wrong, he can learn from them,  instead of  me not letting him figure things out.    After the farm I drove to the farm of a guy who lost two Angus heifers.  I offered to help him catch them with the help of Lucy and Dan.  Well, when I got to his place and we drove around a bit, there is just no way to go "find" them in all that farm land.  I told him he has to wait until he gets another sighting and I would be out.   That was the tail end of the day, and I was beat that night.

Sunday was cleaning day, and at the farm, I just walked the dogs; did not feel like working them, and in general it was a nice quiet Sunday.  I noticed on Sunday, that the previous day/night, after moving the sheep to the new field, the other two Romneys were marked.  The ram is now being aggressive to the one he marked earlier- I think it's because she wants to hang out with her friends, and the ram wants those girls to himself.  Who knows, but he better not hurt anyone...  I plan to leave them in that field until the grass is even with where they came from, and then, holding pattern until some time in November- would love to not give hay until late November, but we will see.

Hope everyone had a good weekend- oh, I did watch some of Paula Deen's cooking show- and I see her son is now branching out- he can stop with the "ya'll" as it just does not fit him... I also watched/listened to the Pioneer Woman show- it was great- really like her and her family!  See?  Nice Sunday!

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