Monday, March 23, 2009

You ARE brave!

Yesterday I heard some barking and looked out the window to see what the fuss was about. My neighbor's father was out back with his little toddler grandson. Now, they are Central American, and the grandfather speaks broken English, so we waved a bit, but didn't talk. Then I brought my barkers in, and kept Lucy out with me- who barked, but only bluffy territorial stuff- she likes everyone. Danny was also outside, but under the deck...
He was scared...

So, I walked up to the fence and bent down, and the toddler was yelling doggy doggy doggy. Had his yellow plastic school bus in his hands. I said "hello" to the grandfather who politely smiled. I then look behind me and there is Danny! He came out after he saw that none of us were worried, and he even got in front of me to visit with the little boy! What a good lad! Perhaps me getting him out more has helped, who knows, but it was a much better interaction than before.

On the physical front- Danny eats twice a day now, down from three times- he seemed ready to do so. He still is short ;0) Not sure how tall he will be, but certainly not as tall as Lucy, unless he gets a turbo boost in height. He is heavier, that's for sure. I usually carry him to the door in the morning, but this morning when I picked him up, I realized those days are over.

Well, that's the update for now. Hope everyone had a fun weekend!

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