Monday, March 30, 2009

Oh my, it's come to this...

Fat pants, yes, that's what I said. Fat pants. I had to get jeans this weekend, that were one size larger than usual. Well, actually, to be technically correct, these Levis run small, but STILL. Oh Lordy. To top it off, they are too long. Going to have to get them hemmed- I DETEST those overly long pants that scrape the ground, and get filthy, and ripped.

Buying jeans stinks in so many ways. When I was young, you didn't wear stretch pants if you were over weight. There were no low cuts, boot cut was so extremely nerdy, no one wore them. You certainly would not be caught dead with what I am told is called a "muffin top", which is fat rolls hanging over your waist band. Oh God. Seriously, all I wanted was normal, straight leg jeans. Not stretch, not boot cut, and not low cut. There are almost nothing like that left- unless you go to Tractor Supply- which I do buy jeans from there, but I was at the mall, and dang it, I needed clothes. I bought some other needed clothes too, but I won' t go into THOSE details. Suffice to say, shopping for THOSE items is about as fun as home ec class in junior high.

So, I am back on my banana for breakfast, and no reese's peanut butter eggs (which I am clearly addicted to). Something about hitting 40, you REALLY start to become just well, loose, and I don't mean that in a promiscuous sense- flubber is what I am talking about.... Just like the book that we read as kids by Judy Bloom. It's bad. I have to really get out there and walk more and work that upper body.

On the Danny front, he annoyed me this morning. Why? well, at 3:30, he decided to wake up and whine- no, I didn't let him out, he was just bored. Lordy Dan, I need my sleep. Of course, his little whine dominoed all the other animals into stirring. Kylie left for the living room shortly thereafter, and then about an hour later, Mr Chips started his early morning crying/meowing.

One nice thing, is that Danny and Lucy are playing really well. Lucy is actually a bit of a pain, because she just wants to play when he is inside, and he can't learn to just relax. Add to that Mr Chips starting games of chase... I feel like a Calgon commercial.

Well, wish me STRENGTH in fighting my Reeses eggs addiction, and also more (lots) walking. Those fat pants need to be put far away in the closet as soon as possible....

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Darci said...

I KNOW! What ever happened to good ole straight leg button fly Levi's? What use to be the norm, and easily found and even easier to pay for has now become elusive and expensive!
Muffin top! Love it!LOL Ive not heard that one yet!
Good luck getting over that Reese's addiction, my son has it too. Me? Soda. I recently switched from Coke to Diet Coke. At first I was totally put off by it, but now I can drink it and am Ok, yes, just OK with it, but I refuse to buy any more fat pants, I have a whole 2 drawers of levi's and I want to wear them!