Thursday, March 19, 2009

I thought you were so brave!

I brought Danny out into the big world the other day, and he did so well. He played with a Bernese Mountain dog, and met several people. He offered downs to all of them. Everyone was so surprised at how well behaved he was. I will be bringing him out a lot more in the next few weeks, just to get him used to all sorts of things.

Then, last night, my neighbor came out with his young toddler son, with a hooded sweatshirt on (the toddler). Danny just freaked. He had no idea what this thing was that was grabbing his fence, and yelling. There was no convincing him it was okay. So, that means we need to meet more kids ;) But, calm ones that is...

Then, later, one of the few neighbors that I like was walking by with her Sheltie, and I went out there with Danny. Danny was at first a bit worried, but then he was very happy to meet her, and greeted the lady, and laid down for the Sheltie to sniff him. The lady could not believe how well behaved he was. It's like an echo. I swear.

We hung out chatting for a long time, and by the time we went inside, Danny was beat- it was a long day.

This morning, and last, Danny has decided after his morning constitutional, that he would rather stay outside, then go back in his crate when I shower. Mr Chips keeps him company outside (though I am not sure Danny stays with him- he may go to his lair under my storage room). But, by the time it is time to make breakfast for the dogs, I hear Mr. Chips meowing LOUDLY, and Danny comes along. I love that my cat is so great with dogs.

Danny is growing- body wise- he is getting more solid- though not heavy. I am liking his looks a lot. Will be interesting to see how big he does get.

Oh, and got bit by Mosquitoes last night, so today I need to make appointments for the heart worm checks...

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