Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bits o' Bunny

This is very odd. I ran home today to feed Danny, and when I left, I left him out with Tucker, my old wonderful boy. I checked the yard, and saw no Bunny. That was good. Tucker was sniffing the upper left corner of the fence area, but there was no bunny. I figured he must have recovered and left...

Well, today I get home, and Dan and Tuck greet me. Then, I proceed to clean up the yard. I go to all the usual places- including the top left corner. That's when I saw it. A Bunny tail. Complete with fecal pellet. Oh... this is not good for Bunny.

Then, I see Danny on something. It's Bunny hair. Then I see more and more places of Bunny hair and then some skin. Then I see a foot- complete with the bone sticking out. A MASSACRE occured in my yard. Now, who could it have been?

A) Tucker? No, he thinks dead things are gross. He would not bother with them.
B) Danny? Please tell me no, but who knows? I guess I will check his deposits over the next few days
C) That Cooper's Hawk? My money is on that Hawk. Perhaps the Bunny was flailing and the Hawk came in and dispatched it, and left with what he could?

I don't know, all I know is that I cleaned up a lot more than just dog droppings.

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BCxFour said...

AWWW! Poor Bunny! Coopers Hawk...not dear sweet little Danny Boy! Say it isnt so!