Friday, March 20, 2009

Her pain is over

I have just learned that my friend Barbara Wust passed away this morning. She is finally at peace. Of late, she could not type, or speak, and was ready to end her journey here with us. God finally allowed her to be freed from her broken body. I have gone from complete shock and disbelief, to sadness, to now, acceptance. I know that Barb, being so active, and so full of life, would not want to continue in that state.

All week I have been feeling under the weather. Needing long naps in the late afternoon, not hungry, or eating right, painful, just not right. This morning, I awoke feeling better; rested, brighter. I learned that Barb passed away this morning. Barbara was a Reiki master, and she believed, as I did, in energy, and it's healing ways. I believe that the peace that Barbara finally achieved has brushed over me, and that now, both of us can be a peace.

I am still so very sad (hardly the right words) that this happened to Barbara, but for some reason, I feel that she is happier now than she has been in a long time. No more pain, no more tumors, no more inability to get around, nothing, just freedom and peace.

Barbara, my friend, I will never forget you. EVER. You will be the one I try and emulate when I get lost. Your legacy lives on in all you have touched. Peace also to Lynn, and Barbara's family. Peace, finally peace.


Darci said...

Saying "Im sorry" doesnt seem quite right, sorry for your saddness and sorrow over loosing a friend perhaps, yes, Im sorry for that, but it sounds to me as if she has found a better life in death than she was having here on earth so I will be happy that her pain and suffering is over for her and wish her Gods Speed.
And you can cherish the memories you have of your friend, that will make both of you happy

DeltaBluez Tess said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friend but she is still with you..she has a piece of your heart and within you, she still lives.

Anonymous said...

I was searching online for a picture of Barbara and ran across this post of yours. I just learned of her passing today, from a mass email that was sent out from her email account. I'm not sure who did that, but I thank them because I would not have known otherwise. The agility world mourns with you now.

After I moved to Seattle a couple years ago, I lost touch with Barbara. I will truly miss her more now, but am thankful she is no longer in pain.

Barbara was a great person, my agility "mom" we'd call her because she was always looking out for me, and for everyone really.

Thank you for posting a picture of her. It made me smile to see that picture of her happy.