Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring? Could it be??

Yesterday, it was just glorious outside. I worked Lucy and Danny got to watch. He is becoming very good at being chained to a fence and behaving :)

Lucy and I worked penning some sheep who haven't been penned. Our weaknesses were obvious. She isn't taking stop on a dime downs, and that is BAD when trying to pen. We were finally successful, but that was after I had yelled my head off at her. Poor Lucy. We need LOTS more practice penning. I will give her this- she works at it as long as I ask. Even if she is spent, and even if I am clear as mud with my directions. Lucy never quits on me, and never loses cover for her sheep. Lucy should live on a farm, and work every single morning, I am more convinced of this than ever.

We did some interesting sorting yesterday. I had worked a small group for penning and wanted to get a fresh group. So, I brought the used sheep in the big field that adjoins the holding area. I had Lucy first keep them back- one tried to bust past her, but she was met with Kelpie Kontrol (that is, blocking/cover, and if all else fails, a grip (that usually happens when they try and jump over her). So, then, I asked her to fetch them and put them way far away, so I could get some new sheep out. She did that well.

Then, I had her get all the sheep out of the holding area, and bring them out, but keep them to the gate to sort. So, then we sorted out some freshies. Then, we got those freshies back to the penning pasture, and once they were in there, I let everyone out. Lucy did this perfectly. She just loves any kind of real work.

Danny watched intently yesterday- well, alternatively with chewing sticks. For only 11 weeks, he is pretty mature. Well, not all the time. Truth be told, he is at the ah-ah stage, which has to be followed up with a physical removal of said item from his mouth. He still looks pretty small to me.

This morning I heard one spring peeper. I can't believe how warm it is. It must be fifty. I am so glad that it is nice out. We really needed this! Now, mud season- I am on my way to get a Swiffer Wet Jet. I can't stand all these muddy paws!

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