Tuesday, March 24, 2009

HOW many DOGS do you HAVE???

Oh, that annoys me. See how some of the words are capitalized, thusly emphasized? People ask me that when they see Danny, and then remember I have other dogs. It is extremely judgemental, and well, un-necessary. They are MY dogs, and it is MY life.

I feel like asking these same people how MANY kids do THEY have? How MANY vacations do THEY go on? HOW MUCH do they SPEND on those vacations? You know, rhetorical questions that only serve to irritate the person being asked.

Truth is, I am full up, and I would like to be down to two or three dogs. Something manageable. But, I certainly am not re homing anyone, or wishing for their demise.

Some day, it will just be me and a couple of cats, that's for sure, but until then, BACK OFF with the judgemental garbage. Unless you want me to take the magnifying glass to your life!


Laura said...


BCxFour said...

When I tell people we have five kids and four dogs (sometimes five depending on how many fosters we have at once) they look at me like I am insane. I enjoy producing that look of horror on their faces. Just think of all the love they are missing out on. Errrr...love from the dogs, not from the horrible teenagers in our house. Having teenagers is like being pecked to death by a chicken. *sigh*

sheepkelpie said...

hahahahha!!! That is funny!!! Five kids- more power to you!!!

Laura Carson said...

I get this all the time. It used to annoy me, and now it just cracks me up. The look of shock on their faces is vastly entertaining.

What's even funnier is that people I know WELL generally ask me every now and then, "How many dogs do you have NOW?" (mostly because I generally have an extra dog or two from time to time).

sheepkelpie said...

I think my next answer will be "I don't know, gotta go count the food bowls"