Sunday, March 15, 2009

A good idea

I have alluded to, and blatantly mentioned the nervousness I have when Danny and Lucy play. She has already put one hole in him, and well, I am loathe any more issues. Danny is not afraid, but more respectful these days, but he still gets big for his breeches, and Lucy doesn't have a level 1 correction. She ignores the best she can, but then it's game on. So, you can imagine the stress I feel out in the yard, that sort of thing, when he barrels up to her. Anyway, this morning I decided while I made breakfast to tether him to my side, and that worked well. They played a bit. Then, I went into the spare room to check my email, and this is where Lucy likes to lay under my chair. I went in, reminded her she better be good, and then, they played very well. Him being on a leash means he can't, say, jump on top of her, and I also feel like I can get right to him if there is an issue. The funny thing was, I kept feeling the leash get pulled, and I see Mr. Chips on his back grabbing and biting at the leash- so it was really a three-way play session. Too funny. So, that's going to be it- leashed in the house from now on. Makes it safer, and I know where he is. Not that he would EVER run and eat the cat food- through a gate to get there... No WAY not little sweet Danny!

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