Friday, March 27, 2009

Beautiful day!

Wow, what a wonderful day. It is time to hit the nursery and get some of those Blue Spruce trees I have been eyeing planted. I don't think I will do the planting, but, they do need to get in.

I forgot to mention, the last time I worked Lucy! Well, it was good. For one thing, I think she is finally getting a feel for penning. She is starting to give the sheep a bit more room on her own, when she sees it's in the picture, and she is taking good flanks when they aren't coming dead on. At one point, I think she was actually proud of herself :)

We did lots of driving- with lots of direction changes. MAN did she do good- despite my horrid commanding. I think with her, a simple there will work instead of a down. Down + Lucy + me, just will never be good friends. What can I say... We all have our crosses to bear... So, anyway, I was able to have her walk up, drive them away, give her either direction, then, a there where I wanted her to stop, and then a walk up. We did this throughout the field. It was very good- and a bit tiring for the lass. Then we worked on some basic outruns, but in places we have never done them, and then, her favorite- sorting.
Dan still hasn't been on sheep- he needs to grow a bit. But, I tell you, I did get a feel for how he will be today... not really, but, well, I had let Mr Chips out and he was walking along the fence. Danny likes to sit atop the poor cat and munch on him- and Mr. Chips allows this. But, it isn't nice. So I stood in front of the cat, and cat along fence- you get the picture. Well, Danny said, "hmm, for some reason you are blocking me.... oh, here he comes, gotta go!" as the cat squirted out to my left. Hmmm. At least he went for his head ;) !

I got some new shots of Danny since he is 14 weeks today!!!!

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BCxFour said...

I love the first picture, his fur looks so soft and supple in that shot, almost like you can reach out and touch it!