Thursday, March 12, 2009


Okay, now that the remnants of little Bunny Foo-foo are gone... Phew, that was just gross...

On other fronts, since Sunday, Lucy has been having a small amount of gagging when she first gets up in the morning. It is just then, and for less than 5 seconds. I have tried to elicit the classic gag response to test for kennel cough, but nothing. This morning though, I played/grabbed her around her neck and she did let out a cough. Danny goes in for his last shots tomorrow, so she may tag along, IF it is worse. They gave him a bordatella intra-nasal vax at 9 weeks, and sure enough, two weeks later, Lucy presents with this. She is acting, and looking completely normal, so I am in no rush to bring her in just yet.

I wish it weren't quite so dark in the mornings. Makes it hard to get up. This morning I could see a full moon out there- what a pretty sight. I am getting up too early lately, which will happen, I suspect for many months. Time change and me don't mix.

Tucker's swollen lymph node has grown a fair bit. It's pretty obvious. BUT, there are still no other enlarged glands that I can find, and he seems pretty happy- especially in the morning and evening at dinner time. He is such a good role model for little Danny. Danny does everything he does- and since Tucker is well behaved, well, that's a good thing :)

Mr Chips was playing on the bed last night, and well, sort of fell/rolled off. He went boom. Then, about a minute later, completely unfazed, he hopped back up on the bed. He doesn't get embarrassed easily :)

Had a re-check with my foot Dr. I think I like him more each time I see him. He has this air of confidence, not arrogance, and he is practical too. He had on these snazzy cow boy boots, and I asked what they were (what kind of leather), and he said they were Ostrich. Cool. My feet are much better with warmer weather, but my toes always hurt now. They always feel like they are warming up from being frozen. I think this is permanent. It *really* hurts when the pup bites my feet. But, I will get the old peripheral circulation checked soon, and then we will know what we've got.

No sheep work this week- I have a busy one, and next week is looking busy too.

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