Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh what a Beautiful Morning...

Oh what a beautiful day...Everythings coming up roses, everythings going my way... Or something like that! It was a great day to work dogs. I did not need a coat! Not even an extra layer! Sunny, no wind, and blue skies. Could not have been better. Lucy did well today, and our penning was spot on. It was just a great day!

Lucy looks the picture of calmness- until you see how her nails are driving into the ground...

'K ladies, time to leave your friends.

Good ladies, I will ease up on the fetch.

This can only be described as a very happy sheep.

'K ladies, please let's move on now.

Sheep: Note to self, she means BUSINESS when her ears are off to the side

Just a gratuitous nice fetch pic :)

Crud! Here she comes AGAIN.

Do we HAVE to move off, AGAIN? Answer: Three letters, rhymes with Bess.

Beautiful calm work at the pen.


Darci said...

Great pics! Looks like you have a really nice big place to work.

sheepkelpie said...

Thanks Darci. It's decent sized- Lucy gets fit doing all those hills. I call the big one Angina hill.

Bordershot said...

Wonderful photos!
Are you the owner of these great wide land?

BCxFour said...

Beautiful shots and the commentary is perfect! LOL