Saturday, June 6, 2009

Whale Wars

I watched "Whale Wars", which I think is well, not well done. First, I am totally against animal rights- and animal rights activists, which many of these volunteers are. Second, they are using an old ship, which could fail/sink, depending on the conditions at any time, and thirdly, they are so completely naive.
When they saw Whales swimming by, they sounded like third graders. This is good insight, I believe into the fact that they are operating with hearts only, and not brains.

I 100% agree that there should be NO whaling of any endangered whales, and that the Japanese whaling under the guise of "Research" is the biggest load of hooey we have EVER heard. This is something I think Obama needs to bring up with this country.

I am not against their tactics in some ways, but risking the lives of naive do-gooders, in a pig in a poke way is wrong, just wrong.

I hope to heck this ship doesn't hit a berg, and go down.

Besides all I have mentioned, it's really just sad, the old ship, the young, naive followers, and the first mate who is certifiably, Capt Ahab in his deportment (and that is a metaphor, as we know all about what Ahab was about in the book).

Anyway, just a small gripe. Not worth watching, that's for sure.

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