Sunday, June 14, 2009

Scratching my eyes out

Yeah, I think I just about did that this morning. I don't remember when my allergies have been so bad. I am on Fexafenadine, but apparently, either it barely works, or I am worse. I am generally okay, but NOT okay in the morning. That's when the F has worn off. So, this morning, I was up a bit early, and started sneezing. Got up, fed, back to bed (as I have an issue with being up at 5, when I don't have to). I lay in bed and my eyes started itching. Just so bad. I rubbed them to the point of my left eye feeling like it had sand paper on the insides of the lids. Eyes were so swollen, I couldn't read the clock on the cable box. I finally got up and used an eye irrigator thingy (it looks like a shot glass) and rinsed my eyes. My eyes were veritable slits. I then took my fexafenadine, and slowly things got better. Wow, it was bad.

Okay, back to normal stuff- yesterday afternoon I mowed the lawn (I know, big whoop), but I am glad I did, because it POURED this morning, I mean POURED. My lower back yard area is standing water. Danny doesn't seem to mind running through it, but I do.

Hit the grocery store this morning, and picked up a new bed for Tucker (Danny ate the other one) and another bed for the dogs. Small, but it should work, since they sleep in a cat bed ;)

Today will be a chill day. I am tired, and I just want to read my book (Diane Mott Davidson's "Fatally Flaky". She's a great culinary mystery author). Would be nice to work the dogs again, but it shall have to wait.

Anyway, that's it for now.

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