Monday, June 29, 2009

Blog going private

Hi followers :) Those of you who are listed as followers, will be placed in the invite category of my blog. I feel like this blog is a bit intimate, in a way of saying, in that I would prefer to believe people visit my blog because, perhaps they either like what I write, or me. If they just visit to keep up on me, and in some cases, some I know actually do NOT like me, but visit me EVERY SINGLE DAY (that is weird) then, they are not on the invite list. I look at it this way, if we are in a room full of people, I gravitate to the people who I like/enjoy, and steer clear of those I have no use for. I am just doing a service to those in the latter category.

I am going to need the emails of those of you who want to follow. So far, all I have is Darci. Please list your email in the comment section.


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BCxFour said...

I am behind in your blog...I am sorry. I logged on last night and tried to visit and you made it private. *sigh*

Here is my email or

Thank you!