Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunday at the farm

So, Sunday started out LAZILY. I was just tired- but not clinically- just lazy, I think... After breakfast, I got back in bed, and then I decided I best function. So, I got some things done at the house. Then, it was time to go up to my parents' place.

I stopped at my brother's farm on the way. The Steers are doing great!!! Totally comfortable there, liking people, and when I got there, they were bedded down by the barn chewing their cud. They have put a bit of weight on, so I guess the grass, with daily supplemental feeding is working.

Then, I went to see the kittens, who were born on Mother's day. OH MY LORD, they are cute. My brother has done a WONDERFUL job of socializing them. They all came right over to me, and started climbing on me, and chewing on my shoes and jeans. There are three male red tabbies, and one really dark looking calico female- she looks black, but I can see hints of stripes in there. I set them up their first litter box by using a flat that water bottles were in, and cuddled with them. Have I said how much I love red cats???

Then, went and looked at the meat chickens. Not much to see there, but they looked happy. They have access to outdoors, but apparently, they aren't into that...

Then, my brother told me how he is down from 43 chickens to 31- he has been losing about 3 day. Well, Saturday, he was talking with a friend, and guess what comes walking right along the hen house? A Bobcat. Hmmm. My brother got his gun, but missed his opportunity. I was thinking that I had seen Bobcat scat down in the cow field...

So, I wonder if Bobcats mess with sheep? I doubt adults, but lambs???

It is always so relaxing there for me- I get renewed vigor to get the fence up and get some sheep there. Ah, but for the lack of money....

After the farm visit, I went to my parents and had a great roast turkey breast dinner with all the fixings. My eldest nephew was there, and it was a very nice time.

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