Thursday, June 4, 2009

Small update

Hi boys and girls!

Not sure why I wanted to say that, but, I guess imitating Mickey Mouse is on my brain? Does that mean I want to go to Disney World?

I hope you have all been having a good week. Mine is same old same old. When you are low on money, it sort of removes some options. I did finish "Love Mercy" by Earlene Fowler, and I encourage you ALL to go get a copy and read it. I hope she comes out with many more in this series.

Kylie is fine, I believe that trash getting into was her undoing, and now she's fine. I will have to secure the trash better from now on.

On the Lucy front. Well, what can I say? The business of not wanting to eat, I think was mainly due to bad feelings in that crate that compliments of Kylie, was sullied. But, she appears to be getting over that. When I watched the girls eating last night, they all ate a bit slower. I wonder if something is funky with that food.

Lucy is shivering a lot less lately, which is a VERY good thing. Last night Mr. Chips jumped on the bed, and went up to Lucy, which gave me a bit of a worry, but she simply growled a little and turned her head. That's normal- she used to let him near, but he bit her ear more than once... So, once bitten twice shy and all that.

The best thing, though, was this morning. I was getting ready to leave, and Mr Chips was on the living room floor, and Lucy was standing next to him, and then started to sniff, and play a bit with him. He just lay there, letting her mouth him, etc. It was like old times. That is very very good. He is such a great cat.

Danny is well, Danny. Doing fine, and is now allowed loose in the house while I shower, and get ready. The only concern I have/had was of Lucy. But, he appears to be leaving her alone, and that's a smart puppy Danny!

The weekend is fast approaching, and I have no plans. There is a fun trial- if someone would drive with me, I would certainly go, but...

Well, that's it for now.

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