Monday, June 1, 2009


Every year, around this time, there is a working dog Kelpie muster, which includes a working dog auction. The folks in charge have supplied a concise description of the levels of training on a dog and what they mean.

Here is the url for the catalog- wherein you can find many pre-listed dogs.

Catalogue Working Categories Definitions These definitions are a guide only and buyers’ must use their own judgment when purchasing a dog at auction.

 Displays interest and approaches stock according to natural ability.
 Given basic commands. Some training on a lead. Come, sit.
 Keenness to work may override obedience.
 Rides on a vehicle or motorbike.
 Interested in stock and going around them in an enclosed area.
 Works according to natural ability.
 Handler needs to be on foot.
 Short practice sessions.
Well Started
 May be unsettled in strange places
 Confident on a small mob. May not handle a big mob.
 Makes a few mistakes.
 Reasonably obedient depending on level of desire.
 May need a while to settle when working.
 Brings small mobs of stock towards handler in easy situations.
 Learning to drive stock but sometimes goes to the head of the mob.
 Needs firm hand and encouragement.
 Can be worked from a bike, horse, on foot, or when settled, partly from a vehicle.
 Needs time to bond with new handler.
 Mature in appearance.
 May be unsettled in strange places.
 Shows confidence in approach to stock it is used to working, in appropriate working conditions (eg if a paddock dog – in a paddock; if a yard dog – in yards etc).
 Acceptable level of obedience.
 Keenness to work and nature will depend on genetic make-up.
 Yard dogs: keen to force when required.
 Needs time to bond to new handler.
NOTE: Time taken to bond with new handler will vary, approximately 6 weeks is reasonable.

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