Tuesday, June 23, 2009


My old kitty Ginger Momma hasn't been doing so well. She has had a hitch in her gitalong for some time now, but, of late, she is really not getting around well at all.

She has a sore wrist, and either her back is making her rear legs weak, or her legs are just weak. She seems to hurt when she lay there, trying to get more comfortable. The other night, she kept moving around on the bed, and finally, got into the cat bed and peed. I think she just couldn't stomach having to try to make it off the bed to the box. The day before she didn't want to get up to eat her canned food, so I held the bowl for her, and she ate with gusto. The last few days I have been carrying her to the box, and for her breakfast (she can go from my bed to her dry food and water all on one level).

I would rather I brought her to the box, than have her have to go in my bed. But, it is bringing home the thought of losing her, and it just kills me. I lost Cori in Sept of last year. Watching her spirit leave was the hardest thing about euthanizing her. That bond forever gone. I cannot IMAGINE this happening with Ginger. It's too much to bear. I know I need to bring her to the vet- they can do blood work, and radio graphs. That's all well and good, but what I would prefer is that she get looked at in my home, and get some pain meds. I will see if one of the vets at the practice I use, can come out. She does not need all the stress of going to the vet.

Please pray for my kitty. Recently, on the show the "Closer" part of the shows have been about "Kitty" who's kidneys are failing and she is getting medicated and fluids when at the work office. Boy, does that make me cry.

I will call the vet today.


BCxFour said...

I am so sorry Ginger is failing. Hang in there and keep us posted on what the vet says.

We have a vet that will come to our house, but making the appointments are the hardest part - they cant come right away and there is a wait. When it was time to let Charlie go..I decided to do it at the vet hospital because I knew that Charlie was happiest in my arms on my lap - our location didnt matter. You are right, watching their spirit leave is the most devastating. But you know...it is also peaceful and I swear you can feel them saying goodbye as they pass by you. I know I did with Katie when she left me - it is a feeling I will never forget.

I sobbed at the end of that Closer too - it was so sad Kitty died at the vet away from her.

sheepkelpie said...

Thanks. I just made an appointment and I am a sobbing mess. I hope we can just get some pain meds in her. Please pray for my momma lama. She is my heart and soul.

BCxFour said...

I am praying now...for you and her. Hang in there.

sheepkelpie said...

After balling my eyes out last night, which upsets Ginger- she is my caretaker you know. This morning, after getting out of the shower, I saw the Ginger made it on her own to the walk in closet- where her canned food goes and her litter box is!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is VERY good, NORMAL!!!! Thank you for all your good vibes. they are helping!!!!!

BCxFour said...

YAHHHHH!!!! Awesome!