Saturday, June 13, 2009

A jolly good day

Today was up and at 'em EARLY. No biggy, because, as usual I was awake some where between 4-5 am. I headed up with Lucy and Danny to work sheep. Lucy and I worked on outruns, wherein she had a bit of trouble coming in straight when the draw was to the right. She also has issues pulling sheep off people, so she flanks to and fro. So, we worked on that. I would down her, have her walk up and if she started to weave, then I stopped her. It's just one of her things. Now, to her defense, these sheep like to stick to people, and they WERE near the draw. Later she picked them up perfectly, dead on and forthright, so well, she can do it right. Her shape was good, and her lift, when right was right. She is getting better on the fetch too, finally, I think it's sinking in, that she has to pace herself, and she has to down when I ask, no matter what....

We also did a little bit of driving. She really seems to be liking cross driving. It's nice to see her just put those sheep where I ask her to.

It was very muggy and buggy. I really dislike both. Applied and re-applied lots of bug spray- even Lucy needed some. Those deer flies were eating her alive.

Then, Danny got a try with the sheep. After his last session, I was a bit hesitant. But, my friend who knows 100% more than I was game, so okay, we will. We had him work in the bigger area. He was much better than last time. Lots less gripping, and smoother in general. He changes direction okay, and even was starting to wear a teeny bit, well, that is, he stayed off his sheep as his handler walked backward. It was very good. Smart little guy.

Afterward, he was a hotty totty, so we walked over to the pond. I stood on a rock, at the edge, and called Danny toward me (so he would have to walk through the water a bit). He came to me, and then.... he turned left and swam and swam and swam! He has never been swimming before. He was a total natural. Oh, he LOVED it. Even after he got out, he went back in for more. Very smooth swimmer too.

A jolly good day indeed.

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