Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday sunday

Well, today I awoke with my upper back in knots, along with my neck, and a whopping head ache. I have gone to the store already today, to get some stuff for the party later. I walked by the bakery, and got a whiff of something very yummy. I asked the baker what it was, she replied "Toast, I made toast for breakfast". TOO FUNNY! I guess it doesn't take much to please me.

Danny has gotten FILTHY in this wet/mud outside. Methinks he will have to become acquainted with the hose.

I want to report a little bit more on Danny's sheep time yesterday. What was good about it, was, a couple times when one split off, he initially chased it, but then allowed it to go back with the flock. That was good to see- that he sees the group.
Danny is super keen, and isn't afraid to meet a sheep one on one.

We aren't going to do any serious training until he's about 8 months, he's still so young, no rush. He's been such a good boy. Waits until his turn, and doesn't cause a ruckus. His temperament is just great.

I think I need a nap, though, I best get it in soon, as I need to run more errands before I head up to the party. Big headache, tired, you name it. This week will be busy at work, so well, whatever, rest when I can, I guess.

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