Friday, June 19, 2009

Mugulated outside

It was so muggy today. Absolutely disgusting. Not only that, but the DEER flies are HORRENDOUS. I think they are immune to my bug spray. The dogs (especially Lucy) were getting chomped on.

Lucy got to do some real work. I got to do some too. I am fat, out of shape, and need to correct this.

Lucy and I helped worm some sheep- I marked, she held them in the corner. She did this pretty well. Then, we had to separate out the Kathadins from the new lightly broke other sheep. They are a bit jumpy, so they busted the gate backward, so I had to send Lucy in to get them all out. Well, they just did not trust her, or, wanted to move off her, so she had to deal with one or two coming at her as she tried to flank around the wall. At first she thought she might not do this, but, then she came up on meany ewe and nipped her nose, and then no more problem.

At one point, I needed Lucy to push all the sheep away from the gate, so I could sort. They all lined up, ready to send her packing. There were about 6 leaning forward. Lucy just got up there, calmly, and when they didn't turn, she gripped, and moved on to the next. It was very very good work. No overt roughness, just good helping me.

Lucy got to load a trailer- it was not hard, for some reason they were happy to go in.

All this work, with two different types of sheep, separating sub groups, all that- it was just very tiring. Lucy did not work real well on our field work, because she was just plumb hot and tired. I wasn't in fine form either- lost my patience.

But, Lucy did earn her dinner tonight.

Danny got to work sheep a bit too, he was pretty good, but it's hard to keep up the stamina when you blow your wad diving in ;) I think he's got the circle thing down now. He will not be easy, as in will stay off sheep easy. I am going to have to be in good shape to work him.

Well, that's it for now. Time to rest.


BCxFour said...
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BCxFour said...

(I deleted my previous comment due to excessive spelling and gramatical errors)

Ewww I hate muggy weather! Yesterday we tied the record for longest May/June period without rain in the PNW (29 days) - today is MUGGY icky 70 degree rain. Sunshine, then rain..ick. I feel for you because I am sure your temperatures are a heck of a lot hotter than ours. Be careful you dont grow mold!

sheepkelpie said...

Well, this morning I see I got quite a farmer's tan- er, sunburn. So, even though I didn't see the sun, it got me. We have had over 9" of rain this month, about 6+ over what we normally get, and it's due to rain today and tomorrow.
I have my a/c going on dry, just to keep the house from growing fungus!