Monday, June 29, 2009

All better now

I posted earlier about my trial weekend. I was in as about a low place as I have ever been. You know? Well, I just had about a two hour conversation with a good friend, who is an open handler, and he let me vent, and gave me a shoulder to cry on. I guess we have all been there.

It's just that I feel like I have let my dog down due to my failings as a trainer, and I hate that other people can't see how good she can be.

What matters (and the only thing that matters) is that we are in this together, and we love to work sheep, hands down, that is OUR activity together. OUR time to be a team, and OUR time to help each other out. It's pretty much what I live for.

So, thanks to my good friend for being there. I guess we all need somebody to lean on sometimes....

Thanks Carolyn for posting your supportive comment, even though many others did not apparently, have any support to offer. You are greatly appreciated. I hope that when I read a blog post like that, that I am able to offer a shoulder, or support in some way.


BCxFour said...

You are very welcome! I felt so badly for you...I couldnt not say anything. I am so glad you feel better about things! It is all in how we think - keep it positive and good things will follow, you will see!

Darci said...

gawd! I missed it! What happened? Couldnt have been all that bad eh?
Well, Im glad your feeling better about things, Im sure Lucy has already forgotten too. Just remember, every trial, every work, is a new chance and challenge all over again. Rise up to it. and remember too, when your stars, everyone else thinks you are, and when its the shits, your the only one to sees it!