Friday, June 5, 2009

GOOD times...

You know, I love that song. Allen Jackson. He's coool.
Anyway, I worked Lucy again, and it was very good. Every time I walk out into that field, I don't know what exactly I will get- not that she isn't consistent- it's more like my plan is not set, and well, I am just not the best trainer.

Anyway, we worked on driving- I put the line on her, and we worked a bit on her coming up and driving the sheep straight off me- no flanking thank you very much. She did this with aplomb.

Then, we worked on some outruns, and they were fine. Then, we penned, and Lucy has got this action down.

At one point she was fetching them, and they did a peak a boo behind the pen (they were on my side), so Lucy tried left, then right, and then slowly got them going. I shushed her a bit, because they were leaning heavy after this- in case you doubt- watch dogs who flank left and right, and see how much less they are, shall we say, respected, by sheep. Anyway, Lucy "got them up" well, and it was good.

When we were driving, one split from the rest, these are not real light sheep. Lucy was very good, and made sure to give that ewe a bit of room to catch up- this is one of her fortes. I don't think she has ever left a sheep behind...

Toward the end of our session, I got the sheep in the spot where they are the WORST for being driven off me (pressure is due east of me). And........ drum roll please......

That little girl came in straight as a pin, and never flanked/move up on them, just stayed behind and kept pushing. Wow. I bet it felt good for her too.

We are slowly getting there. Lots more line work to get the picture right in her head, and I think we will be good.

Well, that's it for now. Sure was good :)


Chasing The Dog said...

that's awesome!

sheepkelpie said...

Thanks so much. It's all just so worth it when they start to get things.