Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hi Everyone :)

The weekend's here, the weekend's here!!! This morning, while driving in the car, John Denver's "Sunshine on my shoulders" came on. Of course I sang along. That man truly understood the small wonders of life, and how to apprectiate them.

It is POURING AGAIN. I mean a DOWN POUR. I am so sick of this. It's untenable I tell you!

Lucy got to work sheeep again, and Danny too. It was Danny's day! Danny did very well. He seems to be kicking more into work gear, and there are just little things that look good to me. I think I will be able to work him very soon. He is definitely one sided, so that will be something I will work on in short order- he LOVES come by, but we need away. Funny, Lucy's favorite was away...

I am tired today, and tomorrow is an around the house day. Have a party for my father's b-day, and I look forward to that.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


BCxFour said...

I love that song, now I have it stuck in my head!

Wow, you are already starting to train Danny? It is so confusing about when to start a dog. So many say wait until at least a year. Others say when the individual dog is ready...etc. I am all cornfuddled about when to start Brynn. All I know now is that she is sticky and has A HUGE AMOUNT of eye...which if I start her too soon will only get worse. Sigh...I think I am going to aim at starting her when she appears to be ready...gee, how do you know when that is? LOL

sheepkelpie said...

I waited until Lucy was 8 months- that's generally what I have heard. Danny is only circling the sheep, and today, he actually lay down when asked. He's only on sheep once a week, in general, so it ends up being 5 mins once a week ;) Not asking for anything now- just to stay a little bit off his sheep. He will probably get most of July off- I won't be around, so that means, by August, he hits the magic 8 months :)
As to sticky dogs, do not let them stop, like, ever. Basically, require the same as you would for a stop- always require it, and for sticky dogs, always require they move. If you impress that right in the beginning you can diminish that tendency quite a bit. Every time you see her mesmerizing, boom, let's go the other direction :)