Friday, May 1, 2009


Hi readers :) Thanks for bearing with me while I had a minnie woe is me moment.... You know, the thing about trialing, etc... Well, I suppose in our blogs, we have to let off a little steam. Carolyn, I read your blog and took heart- thanks buddy.

So, didn't do fence yesterday- but should have. It's fixing to rain all weekend... Worked sheep again. As I was sorting, Lucy was pushing sheep over me. I had had it with that. I could get hurt. So, I went out to her and basically chased her off the sheep. Then, I worked her. For whatever reason she listened VERY well. She was a bit hesitant on the drive, but that's because, I think, she was thinking.

Then, I had another epiphany. Lucy does most things at break neck speed. She can lie down on a dime when it suits her, turn to stop sheep when it suits her. Why can't she lie down like that when I ask? Answer? Because she doesn't want to. Later as I was working her, I was giving down commands and she was hitting the ground so fast- like a kid at the last seat in musical chairs. And, she didn't get up again. So, what I did then was to reward her by allowing her to walk up on the sheep, and push them off me. I made sure I didn't look at her, so that the pressure was instantly released. So, that's my plan. From now on, if I do not have a down on a dime, we are done- at a trial, I leave, and if we are working, then I calmly go up and correct her (by bringing her back to where I asked for it). I was just so mad yesterday, my friend could see that. He was duly impressed with her about face in listening. Why am I mad? Because this goll darn dog is a good sheep dog- and this is the one thing that just bungs every single thing up. Also, she gets nervous because I do, because I feel like she won't listen. My whole way of operating will change- I simply will not repeat a down, when I know she has heard it- I will follow up, that's it and say nothing.

Danny had fun playing with his puppy friend yesterday. He really needed that. At one point I had the sheep near the gate, and Danny came up very interested. The sheep and he were nose to nose- they just wanted out of the paddock, and Danny just wanted in ;) He seems to have no fear at this point. He is getting more antsy to work these guys- as is evidenced by his mouth.

I have a first communion this weekend, and then fencing, that's about it. Busy again, but HEY- I am losing weight with all this exercise, and life is meant to be lived when you're living!

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