Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I am humbled

In searching through the web I came across some old Nebca newsletters. Old, I mean 1990's. In this read, I saw names that I see at all the trials. I see writings by my mentor and trainers that I 100% respect. And, then there's me. Wet behind the ears, know nothing me. I can't believe that I am even allowed to share the same ground as these people. I wonder- am I respectful enough? Am I too irreverent? What makes me think that I will ever rise to the caliber of these folks? Why do they spend time with me? Oh boy, are my eyes opened.

To all of you who are in that league- the folks who have truly walked the walk, and sit and listen to us blindly blah blahing what we really don't know diddly about, I apologise now, and I will simply watch and learn. And, please know, that there are those of us who wish we had 1/10 of the knowledge that you retain in the cuticle of your pinkie.

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