Saturday, May 30, 2009

No weekend plans

This weekend, not sure what will happen- other than a square meal, and cleaning- and ball playing with Danny. FINALLY we have some semblance of play between us. I sit, or stand near him. I ask him/require him to down- which he is finally accepting, slowly, and then I either bounce, or lightly throw the ball to him, which he gleefully gets and brings back to me. I noticed yesterday, when I bounced the ball on the ground, as it came back up, Danny leaped up body level, straight into the air. My. My. He likes to get air- which I am not keen on, as he is so young. Gotta be careful about that.

Danny has had more freedom in the house of late, and he is doing well. Though he made a hole in Tucker's bed this morning, so no more bed for him in the crate.

Not sure if any sheep work will happen this weekend. But, Lucy has her Frisbee and Danny has his ball, so they will be happy.

Well, that's it for now- maybe tonight I will go to the drive in, and see the new Star Trek, and Terminator moviees....

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