Sunday, May 10, 2009

It is absolutely gorgeous right now

I woke up this morning and let the dogs out- and felt the cool air, and a breeze. It was just great. We don't get a lot of that- either cold, or really humid and hot, it seems.

So, I went out in my bright pink fluffy robe, winter boots, and cleaned up the yard, as Danny did laps around the yard. Poor guy. Wish we could play, but he will not fetch. He plays with a blue plastic bowl on the deck outside by himself (I hear that now).

Lucy has been doing something that is worrying me lately- she quivers when she is needing to go out- that she has done for a long time, but now, in almost any circumstance the shivering starts. It's odd. I wonder if anyone else's dogs do this?

Today I am heading up to my parents to see my mom, and then maybe help my brother with the last of the work on the fence- maybe I will see if he will help me string that last line so we CAN get sheep in there. Will have to see.

I woke up feeling cruddy this morning, but that is going away- I think it's allergies. Well, here's to a great start to a nice day!

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BCxFour said...

Just wondering...have you tried the 'come and get it' game with Danny? It is an excellent way to start teaching fetch. It helps that little lightbulb in the brain turn on - and the ONLY way Bonnie ever figured out that not only did I want her to go after the toy, but to BRING IT BACK too!