Monday, May 25, 2009

Post post mortem

Last night I was just so tired. I had a major neck ache from all the driving and lack of sleep. I read my book, which I LOVE. The author is Earlene Fowler, and it's entitled "Love Mercy". I am going to be sad to finish it. It's unlike the rest of E.F.'s books, in that it isn't a mystery, it's more a short novel.

Danny thought it was time to get up again at some time around 4. No, no freakin' way young man. Even Mr Chips got up on the bed and meowed in my face. I was able to stay in bed until almost 5:30. That I needed. I had more chores to do this morning, since I didn't do diddly all weekend. For the first time in a long time, I let Danny out with the rest of the dogs, at the same time. Danny is all about herding- you know I what I mean- the other dogs. Well, he does this mainly with Kylie and Tucker. He's bad with Tucker- I don't like it, because he's a bit aggressive. When I tell Danny to "go pee" he takes that to mean, run up and bite Tucker. Not cool. He will have to have a come to Jesus meeting about that. Anyway, so, it went fine- he wasn't bad. Then, he just hung out when I was getting things done. I haven't had him loose a lot in the house, because of Lucy, but, I think he has learned to leave her be, and that's good. He hangs with Kylie mainly.

Remember how I mentioned I planted Impatiens in planters? Well, Sat when I got home, I saw something had pulled one of the plants out, and dug in the planter. What the heck? I think it must be a skunk, because there were some worms in that soil. Jeez.

This week, just work, and maybe work Lucy- not sure. I do need to get my brakes looked at (and I am sure spend money on that). But, in general, just chillin', which I do need to do.

I hate the driving and interruption of routine that comes with sheepdog trialing, but I do love parts of it. I love seeing friends, and rooting for them, and I love doing things with my dogs, and well, it's always neat to be by dog people. For some reason, it was all (pretty much) good energy at this trial, and I think that is because I have grown, in terms of remaining on an even keel at the post, and realizing that all I want is solid work out of my dog, regardless of the score. I do so enjoy watching the open handlers do some seriously good work with their dogs too. It's all good.

Well, that's it for now folks. I have some videos of runs that I will post when I get a chance.

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