Sunday, May 10, 2009

Moving things a bit

Excuse the darkness of the shot, but I didn't want to fool with things too much, as these guys are still a bit spooky of strangers. Just after this was taken, the one on the left instigated a mini-stampede away into deeper brush. I noticed that they have indeed checked out the perimeter, so that's good.

Here's a shot at the area I think will be good for sheep. I have thought about the high tensile, and I just don't like it for sheep. Anyway, the property goes way further than you can see, and it goes up the hill through the stand of various trees, to a mesa of relatively cleared area.

Here's another shot of the area above. Look at the size of that tree- hundreds of years old.

Here's that clearing/mesa area. It should work well, once we clean out the scrub trees. It's all very good grass as you can see. So, maybe we have a good area.

This area meets the barn as well, and this way, if I want to put the sheep in with the steers, I can move them through the barn, and separate if I like. Should work well.

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