Friday, May 8, 2009

Lucy is not for sale

I put an ad up for a Kelpie for sale. This is not Lucy- everyone! I met a guy in my home town who hails from Oregon and has a bitch that he needs to sell, as she is a working dog, and needs work- she seems a real treat to be around, and works sheep, so if anyone is interested, let me know.

Went to TS yesterday (again). I returned the useless wheel they sold us, instead of what we needed (we needed a spinning jenny that they did not have...). Well, I went to return it and made a comment about them not having the SJ, and guess what? Yes they did. Crud. What is WRONG with the staff there. It's sort of a big thing to omit...

Well, then I went and looked at adjustable gate pins- which they don't have many of the size I need. So, I got some different sizes, and now have to go back and get the correct size (after speaking with my brother). I bought a sheep mag, wherein it mentioned that black locust are poisonous to sheep. Great, freakin' great. That's the stand of trees we have in that paddock. Well, isn't that some how do you do? Not sure if I will get sheep in there.

As I was in line, a guy came up behind me. He put on the counter, three heavy looking bolt things- and for some reason, I knew what they were. Visual memory for me is very strong I guess. I haven't driven a tractor in decades, but some how I knew they were PTO pins. I was impressed with myself ;)

Got a call this morning that my brother is going to try and get the steers today. I will be there with Lucy, just in case we need a bit of assistance. I just want to get them there and be done with it.

Hope to work sheep soon- it's been too long.

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