Saturday, May 30, 2009

Let's see...

After hitting the grocery store, and another errand, I came home, read my book, and proceeded to lay down and attempt a nap. Lucy was cuddled right next to me. I had the movie "Panic Room" on; not one of my favorites, but good for background sound.

Later, I got up and played with Lucy and then Danny. I decided to get updated video of his progress on fetch work. He covers pressure pretty well, and he seems very keen- for such a young dog... That video will be forthcoming.

Then, I cleaned- this was prompted by a dog, named Kylie, who got into the trash... Cleaned the Parakeet cage, vacuumed, and picked up. Vacuuming just about has to be done every single day. Oh, and laundry- Tucker wee'd in his crate- he is really getting worse about this...

Well, that's it for now. Tomorrow I will probably go to my brother's place and look at those kittens that were born on Mother's day, and who knows, help with sheep fence.... There are three red kittens (MY FAVORITE COLOUR!!!). Oh, and on the cat front, anyone want to tell me how a male cat, who was neutered at 8 weeks, or younger, can indeed still have the urge to hump another cat? Lordy. Yes, that's what Mr. Chips is doing to poor Ginger.

I will get that vid of Danny up soon :)

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