Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Well, we have been having some very nice weather this week. Not much going on, except work, and usual stuff. My brother's barn kitty Callie (can you guess her colour?) had kittens on mother's day. She is such a wee thing. She can't be more than less than a year herself. The steers are apparently still good.

I am thinking of starting to buy the fence for the sheep- a few rolls at a time, and then, when I have it all, just start putting it up. My brother's place should yield all the posts we need, and he has an auger, so this should be real good. I certainly would like to get large rolls. Not sure what to get. TS has what they call "field fence"- no climb stuff. Now, TS doesn't have the best quality, but if they are decent quality fences, and more affordable- that works for me. Anyone have any ideas? I am used to the fence that has large squares where a dog can stick their head through, but this field fence has small 4" x 4" squares. Again, any suggestions welcome!

I have been playing Frisbee with Lucy when I come home at night- this seems to make her a happier lass. She still gets shivery when other dogs come in, and really upset when I am trying to love on her and they come in, but I tried something different last night- when Kylie came in and she shivered, I told Kylie to lie down, and that calmed Lucy enough to stop shivering. I think she has trust issues with the other dogs- that is, she doesn't trust them... Someone on a board suggested I spend 10 mins a day with the door closed with just Lucy and I, to see if that helps- I am going to try that next. Lucy sure loves that Frisbee- maybe we will put together a half time show at the fair this year....

Danny is doing well, he has learned to fetch the ball, but I don't think we will do that much. He goes for that ball 110% and yesterday, he flipped end over end. Not good.. So, counting the days until he is old enough to do safer things....

My knees are BAD lately. Just so terrible. Since I am cleared for RA, I suppose they are just poor quality knees, that just don't hold up well. I am not really over weight, and I am active, so I don't know why. It's a real hassle though, when you have to bend down for something... Well, the joys of getting old. I guess it beats the alternative though!

I deleted that airing out post- let's hope the person whom it is about got the word, and will move on. If not, I can't do anything about it.

Well, that's about it for now. Not much happening.

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