Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fence and more fence

Worked on more fence yesterday. This is getting old. It is a pretty big area, and partially wooded, so you can't hear when someone is stopped. Stopped, you ask? What do I mean by that?

Well, we are working with high tensile wire. That's the perimeter fence. We have to start at the home gate side, and pull the wire all along the perimeter. By the last several yards, it is REALLY hard to pull. So heavy in fact, I don't do it ;) Apparently, they make something called a "Jenny wheel", on to which you put your spool of wire. This fence didn't come with this. My brother rigged one up though, and it works a charm. I call her "Ginny" because she's a rigged "Jenny". So, my job is to keep that wheel going- I feel like Vanna White with all that spinning...

We so far have five strands pulled, and four stapled. I think my brother can do the stapling of the last without me there. But, that's not all folks. We didn't do the whole perimeter. We stopped at the far gate. But, still, the other side that is not done is not a long as what we have already done. Still, a few days of work- nonetheless.

While my brother stopped to chat with some construction workers, I took a small tour of the property. The pond, which is huge had a bunch of Sunnies come up to me- and something quite large jumped into the water- probably a muskrat... Gosh how I would like to get Ducks- but there are snappers there, and bye bye ducks if I do... Then I went into the barn- where the stock will be allowed to come in- it has all been cleaned out!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!! This barn was once a partial sheep and cow dairy barn. The sheep area is just fine. We have work to do to get the other side cleaned out, but I would like to, because that's where the small pens that can be used as jugs for lambing are.....

We still have so much to do. It's scary. I may find some folks to help us over the next few days/weekend, and pay them myself to get everything done. The day laborer my brother has, well, shall we say, just isn't a go getter, and my nephew could do the work faster, and probably better ;)

So, hopefully by this time next week, there will be the pitter patter of yearling Angus strolling through the fields. Then, come the sheep :)

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