Friday, May 8, 2009

Beautiful time of year, steer update

This first shot is from the end of the driveway. Those are Burning Bushes and Willow shrubs on the right (two).

This shot is from the higher part of my back yard, looking down- it is the prettiest here because it gets lots of shade, and is surrounded by woods.

Here is looking toward the higher end of my property. I love that apple tree. I have good neighbors up the hill from me (red house).

Even though I showed up to help, the wife of the farmer decided me moving through the fields to go help would upset the "cows too much". ?? Whatever- I just sat and waited. Then, I met my brother at the farm. The guy who trailered them for my brother opened the back, and they came out rather quickly, and rather spookedly and headed for the back, down the hill out of sight. They did calm down, and I headed on my way. They are about 700 lbs each, two pure Angus, one Angus/Hereford (a bald headed thing, which seems pretty calm).

I shall give my brother a ring later, and see how things are going. Oh, I learned they are not black locust, they are black walnut trees.


BCxFour said...

Nice and big pretty yard! I love spring time when everything is such a lovely green. So pretty...

sheepkelpie said...

Thanks C. It makes it worth it when you do the work to get there.