Monday, May 4, 2009

On the horizon

Yesterday was a full 10 hours working on fence. We are done for now. I say for now, because if I plan to get sheep in that pasture, I need to get another wire strung that is 6" from the ground. Also, if I plan to lamb, the folks at Premier suggest a line of barbed wire at the base... I hate barbed wire, so I am not sold on that yet.

I have some pics, but will have to re size- too small. Anyway, all the 5 wires are up and set including an extra small section. We got one gate set. There are two more gates to set, and of course electrifying the whole thing.

There were some screw ups yesterday, which I can say honestly, were not my fault. Let's just say that when you are stringing wire, you really ought to string and staple, and not string a bunch, lest they get tangled. It is no fun fixing that morass.

The steers are supposed to come today, and I got a call this morning saying that the meat chicks he ordered are in. They will go in the cleaned out part of the barn (gross). I work with poultry, I KNOW the mess they make. Apparently, my brother is really trying to make a go of this- which I 100% support. We are talking about me moving onto the property. We shall see. I would like to, but I would prefer to live away from the main house. My dogs need room to run.

Anyway, it sure has been a lot of work (this fence), but it will have been WAY worth it, if we can get this once working farm back in fighting form.

Will get more pics, and of course, pics of the steers and the chicks.

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