Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lucy Looooooo

Got to work Lucy again. I stayed true to my plan to just not get excited or yell when she doesn't do exactly what I ask. It didn't take long to test that... I had pulled out 4 ewes from the pen to work, and she decided to cover them as they ran toward the other sheep on the other side of the fence (even though I distinctly remember telling her to lie down). So, I stayed calm, and then we went on to work. It was good, because she was calm. We did a few fetches, and I was able give her, and have her take downs, calmly, and with a quiet voice, and when whistling with just a teeny barely perceptible toot. It was very nice. I was also able to have her fetch and do some nice inside flanks, without her having to come toward me so much. The few times (always on fetch) when she didn't down when told, I calmly walked back to her and she went back where I wanted that down. Big difference really. None of that stress stuff that happens either. This is good. It will be especially good in a trial setting- for both of us.

Later, I had her fetch some sheep from the pen door area, and into the pasture I was in (like she has done 1000 times). This time, however, there was e-net halfway into the field running the length- so basically a wall. There was just a few sections moved to allow thoroughfare. Lucy downed when I asked, and then of course the sheep bolted to alongside the e-net to be with their long lost friends.

At this point, I wasn't sure what to do, because I didn't want the e-net damaged. So, I sent her come by, so she would be coming around to head them opposite the fence. Of course they hugged the e-net on the way toward me. I asked for and got a few come byes to keep them coming toward the opening (the comes meant Lucy flanked more toward the fence, and thusly pushed them away from stopping near their friends, who were running alongside.) So, then we got them in the e-net, and all was fine.

I watched a young pup officially turn on today, and man was it as cool as it ever is. This particular pup looks to my novice, but not un-learned eyes, that she will be quite nice. Already sees the group, not just one, and even stopped and walked in. She has maturity in her eyes. It will be great to watch her develop.

Danny still has another month. I can see he really needs it, physically. No way his short little legs can catch those Katahdins!

I really can't wait to start working another dog. It will be great!

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