Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pay it Forward

A few days ago in the local paper, there was a small piece about doing a good thing for someone. One of the suggestions was to pay for the person behind you at the toll booth. My brain is fried lately, so I was thinking that I would like to do that, but HOW on the thruway would you know what they owed?? Okay, will get back to that.

This last time I worked Lucy, I employed my calmness. Lucy is hyped enough for both of us. I sorted the sheep without problem. She stayed where I put her, and didn't push sheep over me. It was so nice. We drove and she was comfortable. I barely peeped a down on my whistle and she took it. Then, the best part. I sent her on a fetch. She came up beautifully, started them toward me, and then, in just the right place, downed on her own. Just calmly lay there waiting for the next command. It was truly a thing of beauty. If these sheep were no so fetchy, she would have had to stay on them, but they have become rather dogged at times.. It was so absolutely great. Even later, when she did get pushy, I stayed calm, and reminded her what she was doing. She was much more smooth, and so was I.

Okay, back to pay it forward. I was coming over the bridge, which is a $1.00 toll. I pulled up to pay the toll, and the guy said "The person before you paid for you". I had my $1.00 in my hand already- so I said "here, I'll pay for the person behind me". It really sort of made my day. People can be "good".

Later, in the grocery store, there were some folks at the produce section checking out the green bananas- they were lamenting how green they were. I happened to pick up the last ripish bunch- and the man was looking longingly at them. I said "you should go for the green, they ripen too fast". He said "I have six kids". I handed him the bananas. No big deal for me- but he was super thankful.

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