Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More cleaning, and steers 1, humans 0

After work last night I went on another cleaning tear. I had to. I actually stood on the counters, and cleaned the tops of my upper cabinets, which, for some reason do not meet the ceiling. This means LOTS of dust, LOTS. Disgusting. I also cleaned out the drawer of the oven, another dust collector, and also my frig. Smelled like bleach, and I loved it. But, I still have not located the origin of the dirt smell. I think I may have though, this morning. Where one of my counters meets the wall, it was separate (which I hope to heck means I don't have to jack up the house...) If that is the case, there would be dust from the foundation coming up.... I may try and seal that and see if that works. I do know one thing- this house is getting cleaned like never before.

I also did the bedroom, and vac'd the whole house. So, things are better.

On the steer front- they did not arrive to my brother's place, as they could not catch them.... That's a long story, and I hope we can get out there this week and accomplish this.

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